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Year Champion Series Runner Up MVP
1903 Boston Americans (A) 5-3 Pittsburgh Pirates (N)
1905 New York Giants (N) 4-1 Philadelphia Athletics (A)
1906 Chicago White Sox (A) 4-2 Chicago Cubs (N)
1907 Chicago Cubs (N) 4-0 Detroit Tigers (A)
1908 Chicago Cubs (N) 4-1 Detroit Tigers (A)
1909 Pittsburgh Pirates (N) 4-3 Detroit Tigers (A)
1910 Philadelphia Athletics (A) 4-1 Chicago Cubs (N)
1911 Philadelphia Athletics (A) 4-2 New York Giants (N)
1912 Boston Red Sox (A) 4-3 New York Giants (N)
1913 Philadelphia Athletics (A) 4-1 New York Giants (N)
1914 Boston Braves (N) 4-3 Philadelphia Athletics (A)
1915 Boston Red Sox (A) 4-1 Philadelphia Phillies (N)
1916 Boston Red Sox (A) 4-1 Brooklyn Robins (N)
1917 Chicago White Sox (A) 4-2 New York Giants (N)
1918 Boston Red Sox (A) 4-2 Chicago Cubs (N)
1919 Cincinnati Reds (N) 5-3 Chicago White Sox (A)
1920 Cleveland Indians (A) 5-2 Brooklyn Robins (N)
1921 New York Giants (N) 4-1 New York Yankees (A)
1922 New York Giants (N) 4-0 New York Yankees (A)
1923 New York Yankees (A) 4-2 New York Giants (N)
1924 Washington Senators (A) 4-3 New York Giants (N)
1925 Pittsburgh Pirates (A) 4-3 Washington Senators (N)
1926 St. Louis Cardinals (N) 4-3 New York Yankees (A)
1927 New York Yankees (A) 4-0 Pittsburgh Pirates (N)
1928 New York Yankees (A) 4-0 St. Louis Cardinals (A)
1929 Philadelphia Athletics (A) 4-1 Chicago Cubs (N)
1930 Philadelphia Athletics (A) 4-2 St. Louis Cardinals (N)
1931 St. Louis Cardinals (N) 4-3 Philadelphia Athletics (A)
1932 New York Yankees (A) 4-0 Chicago Cubs (N)
1933 New York Giants (N) 4-1 Washington Senators (A)
1934 St. Louis Cardinals (N) 4-3 Detroit Tigers (A)
1935 Detroit Tigers (A) 4-2 Chicago Cubs (N)
1936 New York Yankees (A) 4-2 New York Giants (N)
1937 New York Yankees (A) 4-1 New York Giants (N)
1938 New York Yankees (A) 4-0 Chicago Cubs (N)
1939 New York Yankees (A) 4-0 Cincinnati Reds (N)
1940 Cincinnati Reds (N) 4-0 Detroit Tigers (A)
1941 New York Yankees (A) 4-1 Brooklyn Dodgers (N)
1942 St Louis Cardinals (N) 4-1 New York Yankees (A)
1943 New York Yankees (A) 4-1 St. Louis Cardinals (N)
1944 St. Louis Cardinals (N) 4-2 St. Louis Browns (A)
1945 Detroit Tigers (A) 4-3 Chicago Cubs (N)
1946 St. Louis Cardinals (N) 4-3 Boston Red Sox (A)
1947 New York Yankees (A) 4-3 Brooklyn Dodgers (N)
1948 Cleveland Indians (A) 4-2 Boston Braves (N)
1949 New York Yankees (A) 4-1 Brooklyn Dodgers (N)
1950 New York Yankees (A) 4-0 Philadelphia Phillies (N)
1951 New York Yankees (A) 4-2 New York Giants (N)
1952 New York Yankees (A) 4-3 Brooklyn Dodgers (N)
1953 New York Yankees (A) 4-2 Brooklyn Dodgers (N)
1954 New York Giants (N) 4-0 Cleveland Indians (A)
1955 Brooklyn Dodgers (N) 4-3 New York Yankees (A) Johnny Podres
1956 New York Yankees (A) 4-3 Brooklyn Dodgers (N) Don Larsen
1957 Milwaukee Braves (N) 4-3 New York Yankees (A) Lew Burdette
1958 New York Yankees (A) 4-3 Milwaukee Braves (N) Bob Turley
1959 Los Angeles Dodgers (N) 4-2 Chicago White Sox (A) Larry Sherry
1960 Pittsburgh Pirates (N) 4-3 New York Yankees (A) Bobby Richardson (NYY)
1961 New York Yankees (A) 4-1 Cincinnati Reds (N) Whitey Ford
1962 New York Yankees (A) 4-1 San Francisco Giants (N) Ralph Terry
1963 Los Angeles Dodgers (N) 4-0 New York Yankees (A) Sandy Koufax
1964 St. Louis Cardinals (N) 4-3 New York Yankees (A) Bob Gibson
1965 Los Angeles Dodgers (N) 4-3 Minnesota Twins (A) Sandy Koufax
1966 Baltimore Orioles (A) 4-0 Los Angeles Dodgers (N) Frank Robinson
1967 St. Louis Cardinals (N)  4-3 Boston Red Sox (A) Bob Gibson
1968 Detroit Tigers (A) 4-3 St. Louis Cardinals (N) Mickey Lolich
1969 New York Mets (N) 4-1 Baltimore Orioles (A) Don Clendenon
1970 Baltimore Orioles (A) 4-1 Cincinnati Reds (N) Brooks Robinson
1971 Pittsburgh Pirates (N) 4-3 Baltimore Orioles (A) Roberto Clemente
1972 Oakland Athletics (A) 4-3 Cincinnati Reds (N) Gene Tenace
1973 Oakland Athletics (A) 4-3 New York Mets (N) Reggie Jackson
1974 Oakland Athletics (A) 4-1 Los Angeles Dodgers (N) Rollie Fingers
1975 Cincinnati Reds (N) 4-3 Boston Red Sox (A) Pete Rose
1976 Cincinnati Reds (N) 4-0 New York Yankees (A) Johnny Bench
1977 New York Yankees (A) 4-2 Los Angeles Dodgers (N) Reggie Jackson
1978 New York Yankees (A) 4-2 Los Angeles Dodgers (N) Bucky Dent
1979 Pittsburgh Pirates (N) 4-2 Baltimore Orioles (A) Willie Stargell
1980 Philadelphia Phillies (N) 4-2 Kansas City Royals (A) Mike Schmidt
1981 Los Angeles Dodgers (N) 4-2 New York Yankees (A) Roy Cey, Pedro Guerrero & Steve Yeager
1982 St. Louis Cardinals (N) 4-3 Milwaukee Brewers (A) Darrell Porter
1983 Baltimore Orioles (A) 4-1 Philadelphia Phillies (N) Rick Dempsey
1984 Detroit Tigers (A) 4-1 San Diego Padres (N) Alan Trammell
1985 Kansas City Royals (A) 4-3 St. Louis Cardinals (N) Bret Saberhagen
1986 New York Mets (N) 4-3 Boston Red Sox (A) Ray Knight
1987 Minnesota Twins (A) 4-3 St. Louis Cardinals (N) Frank Viola
1988 Los Angeles Dodgers (N) 4-1 Oakland Athletics (A) Orel Hershiser
1989 Oakland Athletics (A) 4-0 San Francisco Giants (N) Dave Stewart
1990 Cincinnati Reds (N) 4-0 Oakland Athletics (A) Jose Rijo
1991 Minnesota Twins (A) 4-3 Atlanta Braves (N) Jack Morris
1992 Toronto Blue Jays (A) 4-2 Atlanta Braves (N) Pat Borders
1993 Toronto Blue Jays (A) 4-2 Philadelphia Phillies (N) Paul Molitor
1994 CANCELLED – Players Strike
1995 Atlanta Braves (N) 4-2 Cleveland Indians (A) Tom Glavine
1996 New York Yankees (A) 4-2 Atlanta braves (N) John Wetteland
1997 Florida Marlins (N) 4-3 Cleveland Indians (A) Livan Hernandez
1998 New York Yankees (A) 4-0 San Diego Padres (N) Scott Brosius
1999 New York Yankees (A) 4-0 Atlanta Braves (N) Marino Rivera
2000 New York Yankees (A) 4-1 New York Mets (N) Derek Jeter
2001 Arizona Diamondbacks (N) 4-3 New York Yankees (A) Randy Johnson & Curt Schilling
2002 Anaheim Angels (A) 4-3 San Francisco Giants (N) Troy Glaus
2003 Florida Marlins (N) 4-2 New York Yankees (A) Josh Beckett
2004 Boston Red Sox (A) 4-0 St. Louis Cardinals (N) Manny Ramirez
2005 Chicago White Sox (A) 4-0 Houston Astros (N) Jermaine Dye
2006 St. Louis Cardinals (N) 4-1 Detroit Tigers (A) David Eckstein
2007 Boston Red Sox (A) 4-0 Colorado Rockies (N) Mike Lowell
2008 Philadelphia Phillies (N) 4-1 Tampa Bay Rays (A) Cole Hamels
2009 New York Yankees (A) 4-2 Philadelphia Phillies (N) Hideki Matsui
2010 San Francisco Giants (N) 4-1 Texas Rangers (A) Edgar Renteria
2011 St. Louis Cardinals (N) 4-3 Texas Rangers (A) David Freese
2012 San Francisco Giants (N) 4-0 Detroit Tigers (A) Pablo Sandoval
2013 Boston Red Sox (A) 4-2 St. Louis Cardinals (N) David Ortiz
2014 San Francisco Giants (N) 4-3 Kansas City Royals (A) Madison Bumgarner
2015 Kansas City Royals (A) 4-1 New York Mets (N) Salvador Perez
2016 Chicago Cubs (N) 4-3 Cleveland Indians (A) Ben Zobrist
2017 Houston Astros (A) 4-3 Los Angeles Dodgers (N) George Springer
2018 Boston Red Sox (A) 4-1 Los Angeles Dodgers (N) Steve Pearce
2019 Washington Nationals (N) 4-3 Houston Astros (N) Steven Strasburg
2020 Los Angeles Dodgers (N) 4-2 Tampa Bay Rays (A) Corey Seager
2021 Atlanta Braves (N) 4-2 Houston Astros (A) Jorge Soler
2022 Houston Astros (A) 4-2 Philadelphia Phillies (N) Jeremy Pena


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