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Football League (1888-1892)
Year Champion Second Place Third Place
1888-89 Preston End North Aston Villa Wolverhampton Wanderers
1889-90 Preston End North Everton Blackburn Rovers
1890-91 Everton Preston End North Notts County
1891-92 Sunderland Preston End North Bolton Wanderers
Football League First Division (1892-1992)
Year Champion Second Place Third Place
1892-93 Sunderland Preston North End Everton
1893-94 Aston Villa Sunderland Derby County
1894-95 Sunderland Everton Aston Villa
1895-96 Aston Villa Derby County Everton
1896-97 Aston Villa Sheffield United Derby County
1897-98 Sheffield United Sunderland Wolverhampton Wanderers
1898-99 Aston Villa Liverpool Burnley
1899-1900 Aston Villa Sheffield United Sunderland
1900-01 Liverpool Sunderland Notts County
1901-02 Sunderland Everton Newcastle United
1902-03 The Wednesday Aston Villa Sunderland
1903-04 The Wednesday Manchester City Everton
1904-05 Newcastle United Everton Manchester City
1905-06 Liverpool Preston North End The Wednesday
1906-07 Newcastle United  Bristol City Everton
1907-08 Manchester United Aston Villa Manchester City
1908-09 Newcastle United Everton Sunderland
1909-10 Aston Villa Liverpool Blackburn Rovers
1910-11 Manchester United Aston Villa Sunderland
1911-12 Blackburn Rovers Everton Newcastle United
1912-13 Sunderland Aston Villa The Wednesday
1913-14 Blackburn Rovers Aston Villa Middlesborough
1914-15 Everton Oldham Athletic Blackburn Rovers
1919-20 West Bromwich Albion Burnley Chelsea
1920-21 Burnley Manchester City Bolton Wanderers
1921-22 Liverpool Tottenham Hotspur Burnley
1922-23 Liverpool Sunderland Huddersfield Town
1923-24 Huddersfield Town Cardiff City Sunderland
1924-25 Huddersfield Town West Bromwich Albion Bolton Wanderers
1925-26 Huddersfield Town Arsenal Sunderland
1926-27 Newcastle United Huddersfield Town Sunderland
1927-28 Everton Huddersfield Town Leicester City
1928-29 The Wednesday Leicester City Aston Villa
1929-30 Sheffield Wednesday Derby County Manchester City
1930-31 Arsenal Aston Villa Sheffield Wednesday
1931-32 Everton Arsenal Sheffield Wednesday
1932-33 Arsenal Aston Villa Sheffield Wednesday
1933-34 Arsenal Huddersfield Town Tottenham Hotspur
1935-36 Sunderland Derby County Huddersfield Town
1936-37 Manchester City Charlton Athletic Arsenal
1937-38 Arsenal Wolverhampton Wanderers Preston North End
1938-39 Everton Wolverhampton Wanderers Charlton Athletic
1946-47 Liverpool Manchester United Wolverhampton Wanderers
1947-48 Arsenal Manchester United Burnley
1948-49 Portsmouth Manchester United Derby County
1949-50 Portsmouth Wolverhampton Wanderers Sunderland
1950-51 Tottenham Hotspur Manchester United Blackpool
1951-52 Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur Arsenal
1952-53 Arsenal Preston North End Wolverhampton Wanderers
1953-54 Wolverhampton Wanderers West Bromwich Albion Huddersfield Town
1954-55 Chelsea Wolverhampton Wanderers Portsmouth
1955-56 Manchester United Blackpool Wolverhampton Wanderers
1956-57 Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur Preston North End
1957-58 Wolverhampton Wanderers Preston North End Tottenham Hotspur
1958-59 Wolverhampton Wanderers Manchester United Arsenal
1959-60 Burnley Wolverhampton Wanderers Tottenham Hotspur
1960-61 Tottenham Hotspur Sheffield Wednesday Wolverhampton Wanderers
1961-62 Ipswich Town Burnley Tottenham Hotspur
1962-63 Everton Tottenham Hotspur Burnley
1963-64 Liverpool Manchester United Everton
1964-65 Manchester United Leeds United Chelsea
1965-66 Liverpool Leeds United Burnley
1966-67 Manchester United Nottingham Forest Tottenham Hotspur
1967-68 Manchester City Manchester United Liverpool
1968-69 Leeds United Liverpool Everton
1969-70 Everton Leeds United Chelsea
1970-71 Arsenal Leeds United Tottenham Hotspur
1971-72 Derby County Leeds United Liverpool
1972-73 Liverpool Arsenal Leeds United
1973-74 Leeds United Liverpool Derby United
1974-75 Derby County Liverpool Ipswich Town
1975-76 Liverpool Queens Park Rangers Manchester United
1976-77 Liverpool Manchester City Ipswich Town
1977-78 Nottingham Forest Liverpool Everton
1978-79 Liverpool Nottingham Forest West Bromwich Albion
1979-80 Liverpool Manchester United Ipswich Town
1980-81 Aston Villa Ipswich Town Arsenal
1981-82 Liverpool Ipswich Town Manchester United
1982-83 Liverpool Watford Manchester United
1983-84 Liverpool Southampton Nottingham Forest
1984-85 Everton Liverpool Tottenham Hotspur
1985-86 Liverpool Everton West Ham United
1986-87 Everton Liverpool Tottenham Hotspur
1987-88 Liverpool Manchester United Nottingham Forest
1988-89 Arsenal Liverpool Nottingham Forest
1989-90 Liverpool Aston Villa Tottenham Hotspur
1990-91 Arsenal Liverpool Crystal Palace
1991-92 Leeds United Manchester United Sheffield Wednesday
Premier League (1992-Present)
Year Champion Second Place Third Place
1992-93 Manchester United Aston Villa Norwich City
1993-94 Manchester United Blackburn Rovers Newcastle United
1994-95 Blackburn Rovers Manchester United Nottingham Forest
1995-96 Manchester United Newcastle United Liverpool
1996-97 Manchester United Newcastle United Arsenal
1997-98 Arsenal Manchester United Liverpool
1998-99 Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea
1999-2000 Manchester United Arsenal Leeds United
2000-01 Manchester United Arsenal Liverpool
2001-02 Arsenal Liverpool Manchester United
2002-03 Manchester United Arsenal Newcastle United
2003-04 Arsenal Chelsea Manchester United
2004-05 Chelsea Arsenal Manchester United
2005-06 Chelsea Manchester United Liverpool
2006-07 Manchester United Chelsea Liverpool
2007-08 Manchester United Chelsea Arsenal
2008-09 Manchester United Liverpool Chelsea
2009-10 Chelsea Manchester United Arsenal
2010-11 Manchester United Chelsea Manchester City
2011-12 Manchester City Manchester United Arsenal
2012-13 Manchester United Manchester City Chelsea
2013-14 Manchester City Liverpool Chelsea
2014-15 Chelsea Manchester City Arsenal
2015-16 Leicester City Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur
2016-17 Chelsea Tottenham Hotspur Manchester City
2017-18 Manchester City Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur
2018-19 Manchester City Liverpool Chelsea
2019-20 Liverpool Manchester City Manchester United
2020-21 Manchester City Manchester United Liverpool
2021-22 Manchester City Liverpool Chelsea
2022-23 Manchester City Arsenal Manchester United


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